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Telemovie Shoot: Mekah Di Hati

Nur Adira, 28, works at a Haj and Umrah Travel Agency and aspires to visit to the holy land one day and see the Kaabah. But she lost her vision 5 years ago, when 2 brothers robbed and murdered her father, Mansur. Adira finds solace in her grandmother, Normah and her protective colleague, Mia, whose brother, Hakim, has just returned from his overseas stint for 3 years. Mia and Hakim plan and hope for their liberal mother, Milah, to change for the better and perform her Haj. Things start to look up for Adira when fate brings her and Hakim together, relinquishing her belief in a happy ending, despite her demanding supervisor, Reduan, who keeps picking on her. Will Adira get to live her dream of seeing the Kaabah one day ?

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